Monday, October 06, 2008

General Conference

Today it was back to the old grind stone. Sometimes I think the worst part about taking time off or going on a trip is that I have to come back and go to work and then I am way behind on everything. The weekend was great though. Brandon had Friday off so he brought his family down for the weekend to watch conference with us and spend the weekend. It was so good to see them. Sydney is at the age where every time we see her she has changed so much. It makes me sad to think that I am missing all of that with Evan. I am glad that Kira is a faithful blogger so that I do at least get to see him grow in the pictures if not in real life. We did all of the important stuff, Brandon and I saved the world by designing a new source of energy, we ended poverty by planning a new world order and while I mowed the lawn and fixed the broken sprinkler valve and ran other errands on the "honey do" list, Brandon got through the first five disks in season one of Heroes. After reading mine and Kira's blogs he decided he should check them out. He is now hooked.

Of course, almost (but not quite) equal to the thrill of seeing Brandon and his family was listening to our prophet speak. I won't try and give you a summary of what was said but I loved their messages. Lisa, of course had our traditional Sunday morning carbs prepared for us. Over the years it has been muffins, donuts, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls etc. This year was muffins at Brandon's request.


Lynn said...

It truly was another great conference. Can't wait till the Ensign comes out.
One quote that stuck out in my mind was from Elder Robert D. Hales. " Meekness is not weakness".
If I knew how to cross-stitch, I would cross-stitch that one!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Oh I miss those carbs!!!!! I logged on and the first picture that popped up on your "family pictures" was you holding Evan. It made me tear up a little. I am now going to go look at the rest of them. LOVE YOU!!!!