Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Last night was the homecoming dance. It is so interesting to have a son and a daughter both getting ready for the same dance. Sarah got up early this morning and was getting ready for the dance before noon. She picked out all of the proper accessories and then showered, she then put on a sweat shirt that zipped up the front (so that she wouldn't have to pull it over her head and mess up her hair) and went and got her hair done, did her make up and made herself smell all pretty and by the time she was done she was still late even though she had been at it for hours.

And then there was Alex. He slept over at a friends house last night and wandered in about the time Sarah was leaving (after noon). He then plopped himself down in front of the TV and started playing the XBox. Come five o'clock when they were supposed to be leaving I pointed out the time to him so he decided to go and get dressed. He left at five thirty.

Sarah was originally going with a group of friends but at the last minute everyone fell threw and it was just a couple of kids going. They reorganized at the last minute and they went with some friends of Dylan. Alex went with a group of thirty four kids. That was crazy. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Some times I just look at my daughters and shake my head. How did I create such beautiful women? I suppose the answer to that is obvious, I married Lisa.


Anonymous said...

Great looking kids.
It was our homecoming this past weekend. My fifteen year old went with a group of friends from the football team; Jason is on the football team here. Jared plays in the band, and he and some of his band friends had a party at our house.
Linda my thirteen year old went up to Canada for Theresa's wedding; Rick's neice.
I love all the youthful energy. Amanda and Diana are at BYU.
From Karin and Rick in NY

Lynn said...

Why is it that guys can get ready in only 5 minutes and STILL look like they spent hours!? Not fair. : D
And yes, Fred...... you and Lisa do have some great looking kids.

Alycia Leavitt said...

oh man they looks so good everyone! I cant believe how old everyone is getting....crazy!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Yeah, Alycia and I came to terms last Christmas that Sarah is the best looking of us three. Brandon and I came to terms a year and a half ago that we are the ugly ducklings of the 6. This is highly proved in these pictures. I cannot believe how great Sarah and Alex look. Don't worry Mackenzie and Dylan ... you look FABULOUS as well!