Thursday, October 02, 2008

Washington DC - day 4

Oh am I hurting this morning. My legs and back are so sore I could hardly crawl out of bed. Not only did I run further yesterday than I have ever run before but I did it after nearly two weeks of inactivity. In a weird sort of way though it feels good. I can feel those muscles rebuilding and if I can actually go seven miles running off and on then perhaps there is a glimmer of hope that I'll be able to do Kira's half marathon with her. I guess that all depends on Doctor Kane and how well he cleans up my meniscus. I wonder if he wants me to quit running until after he has cleaned things up? I imagine excessive swelling may make the surgery more difficult. I will ask him that question because I can guarantee you that there is significant swelling in my knee this morning.

Right now I am sitting in this meeting listening to the committee decide exactly how cell and pack suppliers should submit their requests to have a cell qualified. I really don't care how they do that but they have talked for at least 45 minutes on the topic and so I'm going to write until they move on to another topic. While I was bored I read an email with a link to an article that referenced another article that mentioned what the top ten most intelligent animals are. Did you ever wonder what they were? Well then let me tell you. In order of smartest to less smart they are

1) Man (and of course that includes Women)

2) Ape (no surprise)

3) Dolphin (no surprise there either)

4) Elephant

5) Octopus (that one surprised me)

6) Crow (in particular Ravens)

7) Squirrels (this one surprised me too)

8) Dogs

9) Cats

10) Pigs (I actually thought pigs ranked higher than dogs)

So I am now back in my hotel room. Rather than go out for dinner tonight I just bought a meat ball sandwich at Subway and read my book. I gave up on Heroes last night too because this book is so entrancing that I had to read it. Now my biggest fear is that I will finish it before my plane lands tomorrow and I won't have anything to read on the plane. Maybe tonight I will watch another disk of Heroes and save the book. The CTIA guys organized a tour of he capitol building so I'm kind of excited about tomorrow. I will have my camera ready.


Lynn said...

LOL! Fred, I can actually picture you sitting at a conference table looking like you are taking notes, but actually reading e-mails and typing away on your blog. Hilarious!

So sorry it's so boring. And sorry you hurt from running. I was actually surprised that you said you ran first thought was "Well, I guess his doctor said it was okay." Maybe you should talk to him. You don't want more damage being done. Just some friendly advice from a friend.

Anyway.....I am NOT surprised at how smart squirrels are. I swear this colony that lives in my yard, sometimes stick their tongue(s) out at me, when they get the better of me. *wink*

Brandon Leavitt said...

Dad you would be surprised how smart squirrels are. Here is something to consider:

Of all the animals in the top 10, the only one that will not run away from a predator is a squirrel. The squirrel will call out to the predator, essentially sacrificing himself to warn the colony.

Squirrels seem to know better than humans the merits of mass collaboration.

Lisa L said...

That was an interesting article you found, none of them surprised me but the octopus.

ALYCIA! said...

pigs would be awesome! there the best animals ever!