Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Proposition 8

The Canadians do it again. A small brush fire started up today near Grossmont College and they immediately sent the Canadian Super Scooper to the rescue. They had it out very quickly. Yes, I know the picture isn't of the super scooper but it is of the fire. If I was there I would have taken a picture of the super scooper. They are credited with making the difference.

So things in California are heating up. There is a neighborhood where several death threat letters were left at houses that had Yes on Prop 8 signs in their front yards. I've included a copy of the death threat but don't read it unless you're prepared for some pretty foul language. If you want to read it then double click on the picture and it will enlarge for you. How's that for tolerance? Also, yes on Prop 8 signs are stolen almost as fast as you can put them up. Yesterday there were a group of people on the side of the road waving "yes on 8" signs and two woman started throwing rocks at them. A man was putting up yes on 8 signs last week and another man beat him up putting him in the hospital.

I'm really tired of people telling me that denying gays the ability to get married is a civil rights violation. Marriage has nothing to do with civil rights and it can not be compared to women voting, blacks being segregated or any other right. Even if you leave religion out of it, marriage is still something that we must protect. Ever since the dawn of time, marriage has been the best way to preserve the human race by giving children the protection of both a mother and a father while they go through their adolescent years. In every civilization on earth and in all of history, marriage has been recognized as a father, a mother and children and it's purpose is to raise children. Gay's can pretend all they want that they are a family but they are only pretending and please don't ask me to pretend with them. It isn't a question of civil rights, it is a question of biology and that was decided by millennia of evolution and not by four judges in Sacramento.

If you want to talk about rights, gays have all of the rights that I have.

Benefits - already have them
Visitation rights - already have them
Civil Unions - already have them
ability to adopt - already have them
equality in the work place - already there

You name it, they have it.

If they want to have a family then they need a man and a woman and that is just how mammals are created, I didn't decide that, evolution did.

Now do you want to hear what will be lost if gay marriage is legalized? This isn't fantasy, this is happening right now.

- same sex marriage will be taught in KINDERGARTEN as being as valid as traditional marriage click here and here

- churches may loose their tax exempt status if they don't perform gay marriages click here

- service providers will go to jail if they don't provide services like artificial insemination to gay couples click here

- adoption agencies will be forced to give children to gay couples even against the will of the birth mother. click here

- religious leaders will be sued if they teach the true meaning of the bible click here

I have nothing against gay's and they have the right to live how they want. Just don't try and change the definition of an institution that has functioned well for as long as man has been around. Marriage and families must be protected.


Anonymous said...

Even here in New York we are watching what is happening in California concerning proposition 8. Governor Patterson, NY, has already agreed to recognize same-sex, out-of-state and country marriages because he doesn't want any battles fought in court. He didn't even ask the people of New York.
Like you I am looking toward our future. Somewhere along the way people have redefined tolerance,Gay, and freedom to help immorality to be more acceptable in our society.
I am glad we live in a country where freedom of speech is still availble, and that we can talk openly about what is important in our lives even though we are each different.
KarinC in New York

Brandon Leavitt said...

The other day I was calling people about prop 8 and I get a Spanish speaker who said, "no Speak English". So I start talking in Spanish saying its not problem and then in perfect English he says, "well in that case go away". I was discussing prop 8 with a classmate and she called me a bigot to which I responded, "me and over 61% of Californians as well as approximately 30% of sociologists and nearly every doctor, scientist, or adoption agency in the world." I would have continued bought I think she was trying very hard not to slap me.

Lynn said...

Oh WOW! I thank you for sharing. I hope you don' t mind, but I am linking this post of yours to my blog. Thanks for doing what YOu are doing. IT all makes a difference.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Scary times for sure! I posted the pictures for you. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I was researching Thomas R. Leavitt when I came across your post relating to him. It was quite interesting. Unfortunately, I also came across your post relating to proposition 8 - OY. Your comments are very discouraging. Thomas R. Leavitt is my great great great grandfather, so essentially we are related... and I'm gay. I really do wish you would delete your post regarding prop 8. It's clear now that same sex equality is inevitable, so you've made your point, but it was ineffective. Sorry. I hate to imagine future generations of our family researching our family history and stumbling upon your hate. Your ignorance to this issue will tarnish our family name in the future. I compare it to people researching their history and coming across photo's of their ancestors at a klan meeting - yikes! Please delete.