Monday, October 20, 2008

One Busy Weekend

Why is my life so busy lately? The time just flies by and I think back and wonder what I did. We did have a very fun and event filled weekend but now it is Monday and it seems like I should still be getting ready for the weekend. Ben was here and that was good to see him. Thank you Sharley for letting him come out and see us all. He got to see Alex get slaughtered in his football game and even though we would have liked to have won it isn't anything to be embarrassed about getting beat by the number eleven team on the west coast. Saturday morning Ben got to see Sarah race. She's been pretty sick this week so she struggled but in spite of it all she ran a respectable race. I don't think the parasite they found was the problem after all. They have schedule her to get a tube shoved down her throat. She is definitely not looking forward to that one. Saturday afternoon Ben went and spent some time with his friends and Lisa and I divided and conquered. Since I have the camera I went out to Valley Center to get pictures of Alex and Mackenzie before they went to Mackenzies homecoming dance. Mackenzie had a very tall friend who needed a very tall date so they arranged to have Nate take her. I have her sitting in the group picture so you can't see how tall she is. She had heels on but with her heels she must have been well over six feet. From all accounts they had a great time. While I was taking pictures in Valley Center, Lisa drove Sarah and nine of her friends to "Haunted Trails" in Balboa park. She had a lot more fun than I did. Eleven people weren't all going to fit in our car so one of Sarah's friends who can drive followed her. Somehow he ended up following the wrong car so when Lisa entered highway 56 he continued on to Mira Mesa. This is after he was given clear directions on how to get there. When they realized that the other car wasn't behind them, Lisa pulled off on the side of the freeway and they called him. While they were waiting a cop pulls up behind Lisa and tells her to pulled up to the next exit. Lisa, a little confused about what difference that would make obliges and pulls up to the next exit. They then wayward lost boy and tell him where they have moved to. They now learn that he has headed the wrong direction on the freeway. As they continue to wait the cop comes back and gives Lisa a ticket because he insists that he told her to exit the freeway. This is one ticket we are going to go fight in court. After constantly giving the stupid driver direction after direction they finally meet up after nearly an hour and then head on down to Balboa park. While Lisa came home with a splitting headache it appears that the kids had a great time. They came back to our house after and watched a movie. They were all asleep before the movie ended.

Sunday was Peters birthday. He turned twenty six years old so we roasted a big hunk of beef and celebrated properly. After blowing out the candles and enjoying some chocolate cake he then went out and celebrated with his friends. This morning I went in to work late so I could spend the morning with Ben and then he headed back to Arizona. That was my weekend. Today was an uneventful day at work but tonight I came home early to help kids with homework. I guess I only helped Sarah with homework. I think Alex realizes he's going to make at least a "C" in all of his classes so he's quit working.


Lynn said...

Oh, I would fight that ticket too Lisa! You go girl!

Sorry to hear that Sarah is still plagued by something awful. Keep us posted.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

what a fun weekend. What a dumb cop!