Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Bachelor

Today has been an interesting day. I got almost nothing done that I wanted to get done but I feel as if I've accomplished a whole lot of things that I hadn't planned on doing. Once again I am home alone and I'm thinking this is going to become much more common. I've always said that once the kids hit their junior year in High School they are pretty much gone since you see them so little. Also, with so many kids now grown, married and out on their own my wife seems to find more and more opportunities to go and visit/help them out. Yesterday she headed up to Malibu to "help" Serene and Brandon out with their new baby. While I know there is much good she can do to help Serene get a little more sleep and Brandon get some more study time I know that she was just dying to see that baby again. They grow so quickly when they are new born and by the time I get to see her at Sydney's birthday party she will already have lost that "new born" look. I must admit I'm quite jealous. So is just Sarah and I but Sarah was at a beach party last night and this afternoon she headed out with another friend at 3:00 so it has still been mostly just me and this big old house. That is OK though, I have a pot roast in the crock pot for my Sunday dinner tomorrow, I ground my own flour and baked a loaf of whole wheat bread and I made myself some low carb taco's last night (I used lettuce leaves for my tortilla) and mowed the lawns getting the yard ready for Grandpa Shaw who arrives this week. We are all going to the Miramar Air Show next Saturday. I'm really looking forward to that.

So Brandon issued me a challenge. He figures his intense study schedule and lack of exercise has made him soft. To motivate himself he is publicly posting pictures of his semi-naked body on a private blog with weekly updates about his weight etc. Since I beat him two years ago in our weight loss contest I too have gradually reaccumulated my lost body mass and so we are now in another show down to see if we can be in shape for Christmas. I have accepted his challenge but due to my shy nature and because I don't want to horrify anyone who may read this unawares I will be posting my updates with my semi-naked photo's on a private blog. If no one reads the postings there will not be much motivation for me to lose weight so I will be inviting my children to view the blog but I won't subject the rest of you to the horror. If anyone really feels the need to share in my humiliation just let me know and I will invite you to my blog but please don't feel oblidged. Just know that in my first week I have lost four pounds already. Let's see if I can do that again.

Apparently woman soldiers in the Swedish army have been issued bra's that have weak catches. The catches on the more endowed soldiers bra's frequently break during rigorous exercise allowing all sorts of things to come loose. The soldiers are forced to remove all of their equipment and much of their clothing in order to tie everything down again. To make matters worse, the bra's are highly flamable and sometimes burst into flames melting into their skin.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

sounds like motivation to not join the swedish army if you ask me! You know ... if you are feeling lonely you can always come up to Canada to keep me company!

Lynn said...

Awwwww.........I have no idea what the video is of, but it says that only those living in the US can view it. : ( Discrimination I tell ya! LOL!

I am totally impressed with your bachelor cooking skills Fred!! Those meals sound fabulous!

And congrats on the weight loss. How come the guys can lose weight like that so fast!? Not fair. ; )

Oh...and I think I will just stick to your public blog to comment on. Dean might wonder why I am seeking an invite to a private blog of a semi naked guy trying to lose weight.....when I could just get that at home. LOL!

Keep us posted though. We are routing for you.

Lisa L said...

I was only gone two days so it wasn't that bad....I wish I could have stayed longer though.