Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grandpa Leavitt (#4)

This has been a very exciting few days. First of all, my wife came home. She left last week on Thursday and was going to be home Monday. Some time during the weekend it dawned on her that coming home on a Monday evening on a long weekend was just asking for trouble. The traffic between Las Vegas and Los Angeles can turn a five hour trip into a ten hour trip. For hundreds of miles the traffic never exceeds twenty miles an hour. She decided that she'd come home Tuesday. I was talking to her on Monday getting all excited about seeing her when she informs me that there is still so much work that needs to be done so she thinks she'll come home on Wednesday. Bummer. Tuesday she tells me that she is so close to having the apartment all set up that she just wants to get it done so she is now coming home on Thursday. With Alycia and Trevor both in school full time and working part time they would have been living out of boxes for months. As you can imagine, I was a little hesitant to believe that she would actually come home Thursday but once she was on the road at a reasonable hour I allowed myself to hope. Alex is the one who said, "Dad, I'll bet she stays in St George." Guess what? She stayed in St George.

So Friday was the day. The day actually started out with a great deal of excitement. Lisa got a call at 2:40 AM from Brandon. Serene was in labor. How exciting. At 6:45 AM little Hayley Marie Leavitt entered this world. Lisa pulls in to San Diego around 3:30 in the afternoon and then I come home from work and we load Lisa back into the car and head north. We picked Ben up in Anaheim and we went to visit Serene at the Hospital in Woodland Hills.

It had been a grueling and long night for Serene but she looked good. A bit exhausted but still good. Hayley is gorgeous. Grandma got first dibs at holding her but I was right there for my turn. The whole experience was a new one for Sarah. She has never been to see a new baby in the hospital. We took our time enjoying the excitement but eventually Serene was fading out on us and we decided to let her feed her baby and get some sleep.

Poor Brandon had a "Mock Trial" today and he was not well prepared because of the distractions he's had the last couple of days. He was laying in the other bed in Serenes room studying but he was dead tired. He was afraid he was going to look like a total fool in the trials today. I told him he could pull the sympathy card and let them know somehow that he had a baby born yesterday. I haven't heard yet how he did.

One of the reasons we had to come home last night was because Sarah had a Cross Country meet this morning. She did very well. She was the first girl from her JV team to finish. The team didn't win but it was good to see her do so well. After the meet we went to the beach. Today was the ward picnic and we all went to Torrey Pines. The waves were great and the food was good too. I'm very tired.
The most common baby name in England is Mohammad


Lisa L said...

She's a sweetie and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go to the hospital to see her. That was a first and may be the last depending on where the other kids all end up when they are having kids.

Lynn said...

Oh congratulations on being grandparents again!

I can't wait for the same opportunity someday. I think it would be cool.

Kathy Marx said...

How wonderful! She's beautiful... but then again, what do we expect? Congratulations, Leavitt Family!!!

Lisa L said...

Okay, I looked at this post again and that very last picture looks soooo much like some of our kids baby pictures WOW!!!