Monday, September 28, 2009

Penasquitos Third Ward and Good Friends

Just as we had done in Rosemary when we first moved there, we decided that the best way to get settled into our new home would be to go out and meet everyone. That is what we did. Pretty much every Sunday for the longest time we would pile the family into a car and go and visit people. It is a good way to get to know everyone. They also had friendship dinners in our ward during that time and that was helpful as well. Couples were all assigned a family to go and visit and four or five couples would meet at someones house and eat a meal and visit and play games. We have made some life long friends in this ward and as much as I would love to name some of them I know I will forget to mention someone and then I would feel terrible. While I have met many people who I feel very close to there is one person that I will mention who I believe understands me better than anyone else. That is Craig McPhie. Besides, he told me once that he was going to leave his six inch mirror to me in his will.

Besides good friends I have had a few memorable callings in the church over the years as well. Some of these are when I worked with Craig McPhie in scouts just before he was called to be Bishop, I worked with Chuck Cotter in the Stake Mission Presidency, I worked with Rex Bosen in the Elders Quorum Presidency, with Ken Stinchfield in the High Priests Group Leadership and then with Marlin Griffin in the another High Priest Group Leadership. I have also been a "special friend" with a young autistic boy in the primary. I also taught the eleven year old boys in primary. I then worked with Curtis McConnel for more than five years in Scouts and even though Curtis has been released I am still enjoying the calling working with Rick Pettit. I hope I can stay here for another five years. I have loved all of those callings and today one of my highlights every week in when I work the Thursday PM shift at the temple.

Studies have shown that the most important single thing that strengthens a marriage is good cooking.

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