Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zachary & Sara Lyman

Another exiting and tiring weekend is coming to an end. Friday afternoon Lisa called me at work in a panic. The battery on her van died again. Do you remember when I mentioned that it died the day Hayley was born? Well I didn't replace it then and this time I wasn't there to help Lisa out. Guess what we did Friday night? You guessed it, our date night consisted of buying a new battery for the van and buying a soup and salad while we were out. The good thing is that I called around to price them out and when I opened the hood I saw that it was a "Kirtland" battery. It also said in big letters, "36 month warranty" and right there on top of the battery was 04/07. Well if you do the math, 2007 was not 36 months ago. We took the battery back to Costco and they gave us a full refund on my old battery.

On Saturday a missionary who used to serve in our ward got married. We got quite close to Elder Lymon (Zachary), he is from Lindon but is marrying a girl from Orange County. They were married in the New Port Beach Temple and had a reception at her house in the evening. We would have gone up for the whole thing but Sarah had a meet. She seems to be slowly improving, this time she came just a few positions from medalling.

After the race we got ourselves ready and headed to Orange to the reception. It was fun and to make things even better, after the wedding we stopped and visited Ben and Sharley. It was good to see them in their own little home. They even made us a nice little Peach Cobbler. It was also good to see Blue (the cat) again.


Lynn said...

Those wedding colors sure are popular these days. So are those flowers. DeLon and Laura's girl had the exact same bouquet.

Good thing you saw the label on your battery!

Lisa L said...

We've been to so many weddings this year where the brides dress was ivory including our own! It's the new 'in' colour.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

it looks like it was a beautiful reception!

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