Friday, September 25, 2009

Sheba Misses Alex

Sheba really misses Alex. She wanders into his bedroom looking for him and she has now started stalking me because there isn't any other male around for her to stalk. Anyone who knows Sheba knows that she is a bit psycho. She will lay in your lap and serenely purr away and then completely unprovoked and and quite suddenly she will claw you. She does that because of the boys. At first it was Brandon and then it was Ben and for the last several years it has been Alex. They literally play tag with her but for Sheba, catching you is actually slashing you. One day Brandon was walking through the front room and Sheba launched herself through the air off the back of the couch and latched onto Brandon with all of her claws fully extended. Of course they do the same thing to Sheba. I remember one time Alex started screaming from his bedroom (that would be a "fun" screaming). I run up there and Sheba has him trapped on his bed. If he put one foot onto the floor Sheba would attack it. She doesn't do this with me however. She never has. If she tries I just swat her and it is over. Well the other day I was walking down the stairs and out of the blue with no warning I have a cat wrapped around my ankle with her claws embedded into my skin. I knew Sheba was simply missing Alex so I let her get away with that one.

At some point Alex developed the nasty habit of letting Sheba finish off his breakfast cereal. I noticed that when I would get up Alex always left his empty bowl on the table after he left for seminary. I was chastising him out telling him he needed to put it away and he informs me that he can't put it away because Sheba is never done before he has to leave. This morning I was enjoying my bowl of cereal for breakfast when suddenly Sheba jumps up on the table and watches me eat. I kid you not, as soon as I lifted my bowl to drink the last of my milk Sheba walks right over to me and gives me this look. I decided to leave a little bit of milk in the bowl and she promptly proceeded to lap it up. Alex, I think she misses you.

Scientists have now determined that hair loss can be inherited from either parent, not just the mother as used to be believed.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I am giggling away reading about Sheba!!! I sure do love that cat. Congratulations on your new best friend Dad!

p.s. the hair loss statistic still doesn't explain how you are the only one that ended up with a bald head out of your siblings. ;-)

Peter and Mandy said...

Sheba is such a funny cat. Looks like you'll be sharing your milk from now on.

Lynn said...

Ewwww!!! Gross!!!! LOL!

Great story. I would definitely say she is missing Alex. Too funny. "Gives me that look".

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

oh Sheba, now you know why I am horrified of cats. Although she tends to keep away from me now. And I remember when she would try to get milk from me too, yet most the time she wouldn't wait until i was done, she would out right do while I was still eating! oh sheba, the only cat in the world I will ever love.

Lisa L said...

She does miss him and it's a terrible habit that Alex taught her!!She's been really hanging around me and bugging me during the day also because she misses all of Alex's attention.