Sunday, September 13, 2009

Landon Arlen Malakai Palmer

After I posted my blog about Hayley's entrance into this world I realized (or was made aware of the fact) that I never said anything about the arrival of Hayley's little cousin who was born over a month ago. Now let me explain, this isn't entirely due to my negligence, a lot of things happened all at once. First of all I've wanted to talk about Landon more than you could possible know for a very long time but because it was an adoption and further complicated by some very strange laws they have in Alberta about publicly disclosing a potential adoption I was sworn to secrecy until ten days after Landon was born. Do you remember what happened during those ten days? Crowleys arrived, Grandma Shaw arrived, Grandpa and Nanna arrived, Teirrsa arrived, Kira arrived with Evan, Greg, Gaylia, Kristen and children arrived, we had the family dinner, Alycia got married, we sent Alycia and Trevor on their honeymoon and then finally the ten days were up and I could publicly tell the world that Landon was born. The problem is that it was during this time that we were packing Alex up for college and then Sarah started school and then Peter got married and we were in the middle of visiting with all of his family and Kira; I am so sorry that in all of that Landon kind of got overlooked.

So let me announce it now. Landon Arlen Malakai Palmer entered this world at 8:15 AM on August 4, 2009. He was 8lbs 3oz and he didn't really want to leave his mother so they actually went in with forceps and dragged him out. I would like to draw your attention to his second name. It just happens to be my second name as well and perhaps better than that it was my fathers first name. I hate that they are so far away and we couldn't be up there like we were with Brandon and Serene. Oh well, thank goodness for blogs, at least Kira is good about blogging and we can all see him. If you want to get more details on his birth you should follow this link to Kira's blog. I stole all my pictures from there so you won't get any new pictures.

I can tell you this though. I love being a grandpa and it was so fun to have Evan down her for the wedding even if Kira couldn't bring Landon across the border. She had just better get everything straightened out for Christmas because if I can't see him at Christmas time I will be very sad.

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