Saturday, May 23, 2009

CIF Volleyball

Today has been a fairly productive day. Just to share my "to do" list with you.

buy Sarah's medicine (done)
fix the broken sprinkler (done)
mow the lawn (done)
fertilize the lawn and flower beds (done)
dig weeds out of the dirt beside the driveway (done - mostly)
transplant the flowers (done)
put the registration on the car (not done)
clean out the trunk of the car after the fathers/sons camp (not done)
turn in the recyclable bottles (not done)
build bench in the garage (not done)
set up Lisa's laptop (not done)
buy me a bike (not done)
find Lisa some volleyball pictures (not done)

I always have more on my to do list than I ever possibly have time for but I got lots done today. Tonight Alex played in the high schools quarter finals for CIF's. They played very well and I have some really good shots of Alex. He had the most "kills" of the game. They go to semi-finals on Wednesday. It should be fun.


Lisa L said...

Great games!!!

Peter and Mandy said...

I love the to do list. It makes me think I've accomplished something great when I can cross things off of my list. It is especially helpful when doing something that I cleaning. Laundry gets to be like five or six goals 1-wash, 2-dry, 3-put away x however many loads I need to do=lots of goals accomplished. The bathroom has the 1-sink/counters, 2-toilet, 3-shower, 4-floor, 5-mirrors and 6-trash x 2 1/2 bathrooms = lots done.

Fred ... said...

I'm with you. Break it down into several smaller jobs and it seems like it is more manageable. Plus it gives me a thrill every time I can cross something off the list.

Lynn said...

I break it down even more. Have that list would of been for "today's list" and then 1/4 of that would be for another day and so on. : D

I took one look at your list and got REALLY tired thinking that you were getting ALL that done in just one day! PHEW!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

those are AWESOME shots of Alex