Saturday, May 30, 2009

CIF Semi Finals

Wow, what a week. The days just fly by. Several things of note happened this week. First of all I've been crazy busy writing proposals to get my hands on some of my money that Obama has stolen. There is $150 million available from DOE to develop transformational technology to either save or generate new power. We're going in for about $3.5M. I really think we are a shoe in for $2M and we have a very good chance of getting the other $1.5M.

Wednesday Westviews Volleyball team played in the CIF semifinals. We lost in three games but each of the games were very close and the third game actually went into overtime. It was a heart breaking loss to come so close to winning the whole enchelada but hey, we made it to semi-finals, that isn't bad is it? I doubt he would admit it but I think what was hardest for Alex is that it was quite possibly the last "real" volleyball game he will ever play. There are plenty of opportunities to play basketball and football with "the guys", but when will he ever play another serious volleyball game. He was one sad boy after the game and we all had to keep our distance. These athletes really take their games seriously. I figure that is probably why I was never a good athlete because it was never that important to me whether I won or lost.

Thursday of course was the temple and that too was a rough night. We were very short on help and it was all we could do to keep the sessions running. As always though we made it through.

Last night I worked late on my proposal. It isn't due until Tuesday but they are expecting up to 3,000 proposals and they will consider them on a first come first served basis. We want to get ours in before the big rush so we have a self imposed deadline of getting them submitted this weekend. That will mean working on Saturday. Yuck!! When I got home Lisa and Sarah were starting a movie but as I was sitting there the missionaries knocked on the door. They were walking down the street right in front of our house when they saw a little white mouse running across the road. Elder Duchene picked him up and put him in Elder Taylors pocket and they knocked on our door to see if Tom was hungry. Alex doesn't feed Tom nearly enough so he was quite grateful for the snack. It was only a little hopper but Tom wasted no time downing him. I thought I would video tape the whole event so you could all share in the experience. I haven't figured out how to edit/splice video's yet so you get two video clips.

Shortly after that Ben and Alex showed up and invited me to a movie. Ben was so excited to be going to a horror show. I personally hate horror shows and refuse to pay money to see one. I guess Sharley feels much the same so Ben never gets to go. I figured that I wasn't going for the show but rather for the company. It was fun to spend an evening with my boys but I'm sure glad I wasn't going for the show. It started out very creepy but eventually turned stupid. It doesn't say much for the movie when everyone is visiting with each other talking about how dumb it was.

As I said, there was no sleeping in for Fred this morning. I was up and into work as if it were a normal day. I worked on the proposal until 11:00 when Alex had his end of year Volleyball party. It was held at a local park but today it was a slow drizzle all day. Much like Kira's wedding day. We were indoors but not much was happening outside. Lisa had put together a pretty collage for Alex. All of the graduating seniors had one. The meal was very yummy taco's cooked right before your eyes. Alex received his awards and then I was back to work. I finally got my multi million dollar proposal squeezed onto 8 pages and so I just got home. How's that for a crazy week?


Lisa L said...

That's crazy and so is my life crazy!! I think we both need a break!

Lynn said...

Very crazy week!

So sorry that Alex didnt' get the end to the volleyball season that he wanted. I am like you way or another.... really doesn't matter to me....but I do understand the "pain" that it causes others to lose. But, hey! Like you said....they did pretty good at getting that far!

P.S. Now I must go and throw up....those videos were the WORST horror show I could of EVER witnessed! Rats and snakes....who's bright idea was it to create them in the first place? : D

I CAN NOT believe that the elder picked it up in his hands first. Ewwwww!!!!!!!!

Peter and Mandy said...

That is a busy week. I would've let Tom starve! That poor mouse. I'm not even going to bother watching the videos, the still picture alone is gross.

Sarah Leavitt said...

poor mouse :( i was there but it was so cute cant the mouse eat all the rats and just save the cute mice .....that picture of Alex makes me wanna cry :( *sniff sniff*