Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Senior Prom

We got home from the Father/Sons campout Saturday afternoon and immediately we were in Prom mode. Alex started showering and I had to make sure the camera was ready and the vehicles were cleaned out and meanwhile Ben had until 6:00 to get his stuff in their storage unit. I felt terrible abandoning him but you only get one Senior Prom and so off we went. Someone decided that they had to take pictures at Poway Park and we had to be there by 4:30 so without even showering we were off smelling like a campfire. Personally I like the smell of a campfire. Even though it is very inconvenient and quite a ways out of the way Poway Park is a beautiful place for pictures.

We took the pictures and wished them well and the kids headed out for their very expensive dinner. I'm just glad that they had the sense not to rent a stupid limo. Those get very expensive and I think they're a total waste of money. We headed back to the house and I was very excited to see my little granddaughter. Yes, I was also excited to Brandon and Serene as well. Brandon has an internship with a Patent Judge for the summer in Beaumont Texas. Where in the world is Beaumont Texas you ask? Well, I had never heard of it either. Apparantly for some bizzar reason Beaumont Texas has become the best place in the States for pantent cases and it is very presigi0us for Brandon to be able to get this summer internship. Even more so for a first year law student. Or as they say in the trade, a 1L. Brandon and Serene packed all of their stuff up for the summer and they are now making the road trip to Beaumont Texas. He starts his new job next Tuesday.

We let everyone settle in a little and then we called Ben over and we started an evening of Settlers. We finished up around 3:00 AM when Alex got home. At this point I was very sleep deprived. Alex's Eagle Court of Honor was tonight (Tuesday) and I was up late Wednesday night getting pictures for the slide show and then Thursday it was the Temple and then Friday was the Fathers/Sons campout when we were up until 2:00 and now 3:00 AM I was really struggling to stay awake in church on Sunday. Sunday afternoon we had a nice roast beef dinner and again another late night of Settlers. I think it was about 1:00AM when I got to bed that night. Somehow I got roped into doing the program for Alex's eagle court so I was up late doing that. It turned out very nice but it was a lot of work. I'll tell you all about that in the next post.

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Tiffanie said...

Beautiful pictures. I like the park atmosphere. Katrina's mom did a great job on the dress! Katrina looks stunning!!! I hope they had fun : )

Lynn said...

Beautiful Grad pictures! I am totally impressed by the girls' choices of modest grad dresses. They look SO classy and stunning! I had to show Colby how neat it looked with each guy matching their ties to the girls' dresses. What handsome young men they ALL are.

Now Fred....I read your busy schedule list and was TOTALLY feeling some empathy and pain for ya' until I kept reading something about "staying up late again to play Settlers". LOL!! You really like to torture yourself, don't you. : D Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon!

Caitlan McConnell said...

The pictures are amazing as always! I also loved the flowers Katrina and Alex got! They both looked great as well with all of their purple wear!