Friday, May 22, 2009

Eagle Court of Honor

Monday was Brandon and Serene's last day here. They were pulling out Tuesday morning. Serene wasn't terribly interested in watching Star Trek (I can't even imagine that) so Brandon was hoping that I would go with him. I don't normally go to a movie more than once. If I really love the movie I'll wait and buy the DVD but in this case I was more than willing to make an exception.

Since Brandon won't be here in June for his birthday we decided to celebrate his birthday on Monday while he is here. Lisa made a ton of pizza's and we all ate way more than we should have.

Tuesday morning I kissed them all goodbye and went to work, they headed down the highway a few hours later. Tuesday evening was Alex's Eagle Court of honor. We piggy backed on the court of honor for a few of his friends in 2nd ward. Boy do they go all out. It was a pretty fancy affair. It was my job to do the program and it was an eight page document. For your edification I've copied the part about Alex here.

Alex Leavitt

Alexander Thomas Leavitt was born in Alberta, Canada on March 12, 1991. He started his scouting career when he joined Troop 644 as a Cub Scout at eight years of age. He advanced through all the ranks of the scouting program until he became a Life Scout at the age of fourteen. Alex enjoys the scouting program and camping in particular. While he loved all of his camps, his favorite was camping in the sand dunes and sliding down the dunes on body boards. Alex also attended several summer camps including Catalina Island, Emmerson, Taquitz, and Shaver Lake. Alex has earned twenty seven merit badges and is grateful for the skills he has acquired in doing so. He believes his most important merit badge is the Life Saving merit badge but his most enjoyable badge was Wilderness Survival. It was a rewarding experience to be able to build his own shelter and spend the night in the wilderness.

Alex’s Eagle project was to make visual aids for the Primary Chorister to use. When a primary chorister is called she is often forced to acquire her own visual aids and it can take significant time and expense to assemble an adequate number of aids. Alex organized a team of volunteers to make over a hundred visual aids and a sturdy wooden box to store them in. Alex loves sports and in addition to playing Football, Basketball and Volleyball in high school he has refereed RPB basketball for several years. This year Alex coached a team of fifth grade boys and enjoyed watching their skills improve throughout the season. Alex will graduate with the class of 2009 from Westview High School in June and will be attending a year of School at the University of Utah before he goes on a mission for his church. Alex is the third of three boys in his family to join the ranks of Eagle Scout.


Lynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATS to EVERYONE involved!! Families are forever.....and forever and forever....: D How fun!!

Peter and Mandy said...

Wow that is so cool. Congrats to Alex!

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