Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alycia's Engaged

With graduation and all I have done a lot of bragging about Alex lately but today I want to brag about Alycia. I just gave her a hug and a kiss and sent her off to the airport. It was very sad. For those who may not be aware, Alycia is engaged. There has been a lot of wedding talk around here for quite some time but just a few weeks ago she got a ring. For several reasons, not the least of which is that Trevor will miss her, Alycia is staying in Utah this summer. I know it is the right thing but it will not be the same around here without her this summer.

Alycia just finished her second year of college in a Social Sciences major. She also plans on getting her teaching credentials so she should end up being a very versatile teacher. I can see her as one of those young, pretty, blonde school teachers that the high school boys all fall in love with. I'm sure she'll have them wrapped around her little finger.

Trevor is from St George and is finishing up a political science major. He is a very gifted guitar player and is planning on getting a second major in music. He is then planning on law school with the intention of practicing copyright law. I am thrilled for the both of them and they have my full blessing.

Alycia came down this week for Alex's graduation and while she was here Marie Riches had a bridal shower for her. If you remember, Kira was down here as well and it was wonderful having all the kids around except for Brandon. There always seems to be someone missing.

There was a very cool thing happened at the bridal shower. I would have liked to have been there to share in the experience but guys are not welcome at those things. My mom started a tradition of making quilts for each of her grandkids when they would come along. When Lisa was expecting Alycia they sat down and picked out some fabric for the quilt in preparation. Sadly, two days after Alycia was born Mom suddenly passed away and the quilt was never finished. Mom had already bought the fabric however and Dad told us that he was going to have the quilt finished for us so that Alycia could have a quilt from the grandma that she never met. When that never happened Dad felt bad so he gave Lisa a quilt top from his mother (my grandma Leavitt) that she had made before she passed on. He told Lisa that he wanted her to finish the quilt for Alycia and give it to her for a wedding present. In this way the quilt could be very special because it would be from my grandma Leavitt, from my Dad, in memory of my mother and from Lisa because she finished it. Lisa did finish the quilt for her and what a special gift that was. To make it even better, it has a funky retro look to it because it is so old and it is in bright colors which Alycia loves. Now you might think things couldn't get any better but my grandma Leavitt is a bit special to Alycia because she is even named after her. My grandmothers name was Nellie Grace Quinton and Alycia is Alycia Grayce Leavitt. Lisa's mother is also Donna Grayce Kesler so she is actually named after two grandma's. Pretty cool don't you think? Lisa wrote a nice letter to go along with the quilt explaining it's history and from what I hear it was a very touching moment. There were many tears.

It is a bit belated but congratulations Alycia on your engagemnt and for moving on to the next phase of your life and doing it the right way. I love you.

At each stage in life one reaches the "peak" for what has to be performed at that age:

Between 2 - 5 years one reaches the peak of language acquisition ability.
Between 10 - 12 years peak assimilation of cultural traditions, prejudices etc, etc.
At 20 - 25 years peak sexual attractiveness. Also the peak for impulsiveness.
At 50 - 70 years peak leadership ability, ability to compromise. Things are not seen as black-and-white anymore.

Hence physical beauty in art is always depicted with the bodies of young men and women, but deities are always depicted as old men (with beards!). I guess I had better grow a beard.



Lisa L said...

Trevor did send me an email and told me he was going to propose soon and would that be okay? I believe it was to both of us so technically he did ask and I answered back with both of our names.

Lynn said...

Oh I thought we weren't going to get to a picture of the quilt!! I am SO glad you posted it. What a beautiful and SPECIAL quilt it will be. Just beautiful Lisa!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Peter and Mandy said...

I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. It was a very touching story, and it's a quilt that is so Alycia.

Lisa L said...

This was an email sent to Fred from his sister. I wanted to include it in the comments:

I'm pretty sure that that quilt top contains fabric scraps from all the clothes I made for Fara Jackie and me and some from mom because that was Grandmas main source of fabric for her quilts. I cant pick anything out from the picture because of the angle but If I ever get the chance to see it up close I bet I could tell Alycia what most of the fabric was made into before Grandma got the scraps.

Alycia Grayce Leavitt said...

Oh man, let me tell you how embarrassing it was to have to read that letter and me just start totally crying during parts of it! I don't really let on how emotional i am about the fact that i don't really have close relationships with my extended family and get to see them, and just all the cool parts of the story that came along with that quilt i was a mess! ANYWAYS the quilt is perfect! Let me tell you i have always known the first part of the story and always felt ripped off that i didn't have one :( I am very sentimental and wont throw away anything (as you know dad.) The Quilt's base color is YELLOW! Which is my favorite, and i have a love for anything vintage or 70's so yah this quilt is amazing. I wish more then anything that i had really known Grandpa and Grandma Leavitt, and now knowing im going to be getting married in the temple and living my life a certain way i can not wait to see them again some day. Okay now i am just writing wayyyy too much, a whole novel. Well LOVE YOU DAD.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I wish I was there!!!