Sunday, June 07, 2009

Father / Daughter Camp Out

At 11:30 pm on Friday night we pulled into the camp ground. My worst fears were realized when I saw that the guard gate was closed. We could drive into the campground but no one was at the gate to tell us where we were camped. Have you ever tried to find your friends in a very large campground in the dark? I have and it is very difficult and could take hours. I started making phone calls to anyone that I had a cell phone number for but no one answered. As I was sitting there debating what to do next the guard popped around the corner. I almost gave him a hug. He told me where everyone was camped and off we went. As I suspected they were all in bed. Boy things have changed since my kids were little. I couldn't get them to go to bed before midnight and so I went to bed and I'm not sure when they dragged in. We pitched our tent and then put Evan to bed and then we were all so tired we just went to bed also. That moment is always my favorite part of any camping trip. Laying in bed listening to the night and breathing in the fresh air.

I had a wonderful sleep but unfortunately my eldest child has become acclimatized to Florida and one winter in Calgary has not been sufficient to thicken her blood. She froze all night long. In the morning we all laid there listening to Evan calling, "momma, momma, momma..." continuously but he was calm and I could have easily gone right back to sleep but I had a very full bladder. I check the time and figured 7:30 was not a bad time to be getting up. Kira and I sat there and tried to read our books but too many people wanted to visit (including Sarah) so we chatted around the fire until breakfast was ready and then we enjoyed bacon, eggs and pancakes.We then headed down the mountain. We had to rush back because Lisa and I were going to Blake Pierce and Jenny Hall's wedding reception.

I loved camping with my daughters and what a treat it was to have Kira there. I guess I could also say it was my first Father/Grandson camp out. I took Sydney with me last year so that was my first Father/Granddaughter camp out.

The only other thing we did Saturday afternoon was to go to a movie. Kira called up Mandy and Peter and we all went to watch "UP". It was a very good movie. I loved it.

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Lisa L said...

Crazy busy weekend!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

that was too fun, and it WAS cold! P.s. when we were young we would roll into bed around 1-2am.

Lynn said...

LOL! Cold, eh? Try camping up here. : D

Good times! Thanks for the pic. Little Evan looks so cute all bundled up. I almost missed him sitting in that chair.

Grandpa said...

Kira was cold ??? Kira is lucky she was not in Calgary. It snowed in Calgary on the 6th.