Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dance Concert

Friday was an exciting day for me because I got to go on a father/daughter camp out with Sarah and Kira. I will talk about that later but today I want to talk about the Westview High School Dance concert. A good friend of Alex's named Heather Wilcox is in dance and they needed dance partners for one of the dances they were doing. She asked Alex if he would be her partner. Alex loves to dance and he certainly has the rythm but I never thought I would ever see him in a dance concert. It was a treat for all of us. I was hoping he would be early in the program so that me and girls could leave early for our camp out and as it happened his dance was in the first half of the program. Unfortunately for our schedule but fortunately for us, they had all of these volunteer boys perform a dance of their own which was the second to the last dance of the night. I was simultaneous proud of my boy and quite embarrassed for him. I guess it takes a man with a lot of confidence to dress like he did and parade around the stage in front of a large crowd. All in all it was a great evening and Alex was an amazing dancer. We were pitching our tent at midnight but it was worth it.

Myopia is most common in people who have a high IQ, high income, high education or status.


Lynn said...

LOL! Love the tutu!!

Great jump shot photo at the end. Way to go Alex. It's VERY COOL to be a confident man!

Lisa L said...

Alex was awesome even with his butt cheeks!! :)

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Alex was AWESOME! Myopia was one of the things Evan was going to be tested for. Interesting eh?