Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Wonderful Sunday

I know it is already Wednesday but Sunday was a great day in the Leavitt house and I haven't said anything about it yet. It kind of turned out to be a great day for Alex. Being the first Sunday of the month it was fast Sunday. On fast Sunday we choose one or more things that are important to us and we fast and pray for that thing or person. During our sacrament meeting there are no formal talks given but the congregation is free to go to the pulpit and share their feelings, experiences and their testimony with the congregation. On Sunday Alex chose to bear his testimony and it was a very touching testimony. I think graduating from High School has caused him a great deal of reflection on life and he paid very special tributes to Brandon, Ben and Kira. After priesthood meeting I also had the privilege of laying my hands on his head and conferring the priesthood on him I then ordained him to the office of an Elder. Ben and Sharley joined us and Ben was able to stand in the circle with me. Kira and Sarah were also there. It is pretty mind boggling to me that my third son is now a grown man heading off to college in just a few short weeks.

We had a nice barbecue in the afternoon and then we were off to Seminary graduation. For anyone who is not familiar with early morning seminary let me explain. Every single day that there is school there is seminary. You start attending seminary when you start ninth grade (that would be high school for us) and when you graduate from high school you graduate from seminary. One year you study the old testament, another year you study the new testament, another year you study the book of Mormon and the final year you study church history. It is a wonderful program but requires a lot of dedication from both the student and from the teachers who receive no pay for this. For our kids it starts at 6:00AM and goes for an hour. Alex of course graduated from seminary but the guy conducting the meeting called Alex up special and gave him an award for attending every single day of the four years. There was one time we went to Utah and Alex and Alycia actually went to seminary with the kids of the family we were staying with. It was pretty cool but I could tell that Alex was embarrassed. In this photograph there is a picture of him with most of the kids in his class and the four teachers they had throughout the four years. What dedicated people they are. Just to recognize them they are in the first picture left to right:

Bryan Holland - grade twelve
Chuck Cotter - grade eleven (that would be Sharley's dad)
Linda Bessey - grade nine
Roger Platt - grade ten

Good job Alex, you make me proud!!! (am I allowed to say that?)

Drinking two glass of apple juice a
day may delay the onset of dementia


Tiffanie said...

Congratulations on your achievements Alex! Best wishes for a bright future in the next phase of your life.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

always aloud to say that! I love youQ

Lynn said...

Way to go Alex! You should be proud Fred and Lisa. Awesome kid.

We only discovered recently that there is a years "grace period" between the age of 18 to 19 of when a young man can receive an advancement to become an Elder here. Colby was So excited to become an elder when he turned 18, but our Bishop feels that 18 is too young and so he has asked that Colby at least wait until the end of the summer before going to the YSA ward (where Colby also wanted to go sooner). But he respectfully will wait. It's just hard for him to do so. It's nice to see that these young men take the priesthood seriously and are so eager to advance.

Can't wait for the Seminary Grad here also. Seminary has been finished for the year for about two weeks already. However, the banquet and grad won't be until another two weeks from now.

I know.....Patience. It's a hard thing to learn. LOL!