Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Book of Life

My action packed week continues. I think I've mentioned before that I have the absolute best calling in the church. I am the assistant scout master. That means the the scout master has to do all the planning and I get to show up, play with the boys and participate in all the activities. I love it. Unfortunately, once in a while the scoutmaster is out of town and I have to take over. That happened on Wednesday. The good part is that Rick made all of the plans before he left and because I was gone last week with Alex's CIF volleyball play offs he asked Steve Collard to help out. Steve definitely got the biggest share of the load but I still had to do some work. It was a combined activity and the Scouts were in charge so we had a lot of work to do. The boys wanted to plan a road rally but since we didn't want to do that we designed a sort of mini-road rally at the church. The kids were divided into families. We had Lehi and Sariah, Abraham and Sarah, Adam and Eve, Moses and ??, Joseph and Emma and Joseph and Mary. The families were sent out to find "Earthly Messengers" who turned out to be the missionaries. They "baptised" the families and gave them the gift of the Holy Ghost (a compass). They were then sent to an Angel who recorded their names in the book of life and sent them on a compass course to find the next message. They then went through a series of "challenges". They had to learn unity by walking with group skiis tied to their feet. They learned about clean thoughts and actions at the dumpster, they learned about the atonement when one member of the family had to suffer through push ups for each member of the family. They had to rely on each other to get guided through an obstacle course blind folded. They learned about service at the janitors closet where they cleaned a window and then finally they were guided to the judgement seat of Christ where their name was looked up in the book of life (the same one used earlier) and they received their reward and were sent to heaven (except for one boy who was sent to hell). Heaven was a fire in the pavilion where we cooked smores.

It was a fun activity and each of the clues to find the activities was a scripture.

Today Kira came to the temple during my shift. It was great to see her. Her session was very small and they needed a witness couple so I voluntered to go through the session with Kira and we were the witness couple. I loved it. She went through the last session of the evening so she helped me close up the temple and we came home together.

81% of all deaths in Saudi Arabian hospitals are related to car accidents. You can't blame women drivers though because they aren't allowed to drive.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

it sure is fun to sit next to you and read your blog! ;-)

Fred ... said...

It is after midnight and here we are both blogging. It is fun isn't it?

Lisa L said...

That's neat you got to go through the session with Kira. You two stay up too late but then again I get up before both of you.

Grandpa said...

It's nice Kira & Evan are able to spend quality time with you. ---- I really would like to know what Kira was saying in the top picture of your previous blog???

Lynn said...

Good times all around! Nice!

And you two sitting next to each other blogging reminds me of Dean and I e-mailing each other while we are just in the next room to each other. LOL!

Lisa L said...

Grandpa: It was the part of Kira's speech where she was using different quotes that Mr. Torn's is famous for and the one that struck the most fear in her was when he would point directly at you (so she pointed at him) and said "Play it!" in a very stern voice.