Monday, February 16, 2009

All Arise in the Presence of the Wizard

After having completed our "attack" on the girls house we were somewhat concerned about retaliation. This is when we put our electrical engineers to work. We strung a fine wire around the cars and the part of the house where they could do any damage. The wire was then fed through a window and connected to some electronic gadget that could detect any change in capacitance that would indicate someone stepping near the wire. If a change in capacitance was detected the gadget set off an alarm. Sure enough, the very next night after our attack, the alarm was set off. We all got dressed and on cue we ran out and captured all of the girls. It was like two in the morning and boy were they surprised. We then dragged them into the apartment and put them on trial. The big Hawaiian dude put on a black bathrobe and sitting in the arm chair he was the judge. Each of the girls was appointed a defense lawyer and then we had a prosecutor. I was a witness and I testified that I personally observed the girls defacing our automobiles. They were actually applying graffiti and toilet paper to them. The girls were all convicted of their crimes and sentenced to pay to the defendant (that would be us) a plate of brownies. The girls were then escorted to their homes and released on their own recognizance. The problem is that when the the brownies finally showed up a few days later they smelled a bit "off" and no one dared to touch them. I, of course, had little self control in those days when it came to food and I finally relented and took a bite of one of the brownies. It definitely didn't taste like your normal brownies and I didn't eat the rest of it. Sure enough, by the end of the day I spent some time in the bathroom having my first experience with x-lax. I'm sure glad I didn't eat any more than I did.

Last Tuesday two satellites collided at more that 22,000 mph. One of the satellites was an Irridium satellite and the other was Russian. The collision occurred over Siberia and created tens of thousands of pieces of shrapnel that could be very dangerous for future missions. Some of the pieces fell in Texas today.


Peter and Mandy said...

Hahaha well I'm glad they got you totally deserved it.

Lynn said...


You know wouldn't always have to be looking over your shoulder or trying to stay one step ahead....if you just had been an "angel" your whole life.

Too funny! Thanks for the good laughs.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

oh those poor girls! You really did kind of deserve what you got! (why on earth would you eat the brownie?)