Monday, February 09, 2009

BYU Girls

If I was the unpopular kid who was mostly ignored in High School that all change at BYU. I was completely included in my apartment, in the ward and especially by the girls. What a change. It was also very early on at the Y that I became aware of a very serious flaw in my personality. I have theorized endlessly on why it would be but I don't remember people. I don't remember their names and often I don't even remember meeting them. Now you can't blame my memory capability because I can remember numbers, equations and many other facts but I don't remember faces and names. I had never noticed this before but it soon became painfully obvious at the Y. In our ward we had the Cox apartments that were all girls and we included another house that was all girls. There must have been an apartment full of boys but for some reason I wasn't too interested in that. The apartment must have had over a hundred girls and the house probably had at least another ten.

Our house (basement) was known as the "house of Oz" and every time we answered the phone we answered, "House of Oz, Wizard speaking". We did that every time. Sometimes we would answer, "City Morgue, you stab em we slab em". We were always either at Cox apartments or at the girls house. One day some girls came over to our house to go ice blocking down the hill. I introduced myself to this pretty girl and she was so offended. She said, "Fred, don't you remember me? You were just over at my apartment!" I felt about a foot high and I can't believe I didn't remember her. She was very pretty. I now remember to this day that her name was Joy. Once I do get to know you or if something different happens to print the memory in my mind then I can remember their names but I am so bad otherwise. The sad thing is that after thirty years I am not much better.

Even though I dated a lot at BYU I didn't have a steady girl friend. I just had a lot of fun. There were two girls that I became pretty good friends with I don't remember one of their names but the other one was Laura DeVors from Danville Illinois and it was her who taught me in no uncertain terms that it is pronounced "Illinoy" and not "Ill i noise". Laura was a pretty and very fun girl and we had some good times together. The other girl was the opposite of a butter-face. She had a gorgeous face but she could have lost about thirty pounds off the rest of her. We were still good friends and went on a few dates. We didn't see each other for a few months and then I happened to see her and she had this big bandage on her hand. I guess she was doing something stupid with the bread knife and accidentally stabbed it completely through her hand. I mean the knife missed her bones and was sticking out the other side. She had to go into emergency to get it removed. I really wish I had a picture of that to post on my blog.


KarinC said...

That's the way I remember Fred. Not the balding ,older man I see on the blog.:)
Cahoons in NY

Lynn said...


To the butter knife story AND for not remembering a girl's name that you had JUST talked to in the other apartment. : D

Lisa L said...

I love you ID card! :D It's much better than your highschool pictures.

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my, I love the ID card. It's strange to picture you with hair. You make a great bald man.