Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

I am sick and I feel very miserable. This is the second time this winter that I've been sick and I don't like it. My sinus's are plugged and my head feels like it is going to split burst. I hope it passes quickly. That is the common cold virus on the left there. Lisa told me one time about this very weird homeopathic remedy for plugged virus's call "netti pots". You fill this little pot that looks like Aladdins lamp, with warm salt water and you pour it in one nostril and let the water flow out the other nostril. It seems strange to me but right now I'd try anything. I want a netti pot. This week was a good week, at least until I got sick. I love my job but I can tell I'm going to have to start wearing less nice close since I'm going to spending a lot more time in the lab and this lab is not a nice clean one like it is with batteries. It is nice to get my hands dirty again. Today Lisa has let me be a bum. I really need it since I don't get sick days anymore. If I don't go to work I don't get paid. I started getting sick Wednesday, felt miserable all day Thursday and then went to Temple. I left the Temple early. I then went to work Friday and I felt like I was dying. This morning Lisa let me sleep in and I have just laid around all day. I did go and watch Alex coach his little team. It is so funny to watch him. He talks about his "boys" or his "little fifth graders". While I was out I decided to go and watch Sarah in action. I am sure I've mentioned before that she keeps the statistics for the Westview wrestling team. Now that is one sport that I could never get excited about. Not like I got excited about any sport but wrestling is the lowest on a list of the low. My only "D" in my entire life was in gymn and it was during the part where we were supposed to wrestle. I was repulsed (and I still am) at the idea of grabbing onto some other males sweaty body. Gross. Anyway, I digress. Sarah loves it and I wanted to get a picture of her doing her thing. You can see in the background behind that big blue behind.

For Valentines day my lovely wife gave me a very nice card and she bought me a video. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you what video she got me because it is a childrens video but she knew it was one of my favorites. I don't know why I like it so much but I do love it. Please don't tease me too much but she bought me "Matilda". She also bought me a Marie Calendars Lemon Creme pie. I bought her some very pretty white lilies and red roses. The red and white looks very Valentine'y to me. I also bought Oscars dinner and we sat around tonight and fed our faces and watch movies. I also bought Sarah a pink spray rose. Ever since I can remember I've always bought my girls flowers on Valentines day. At least the girls who are still home. I started when Kira was a baby and I bought her a daisy. I love it and I think they've always looked forward to it.


KarinC said...

We got our Neti from our dentist. Ah! that clean feeling :) Sounds odd but he is into whole body health. Hope you get well soon my friend.
The CAhoons in NY

Grand Pa said...

Go to the Drug Store and pick up a Saline Nasal Mist (spay)

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I ALWAYS looked forward to my flower! I cannot believe how "adult" Alex and Sarah are now!

p.s. I have a netti pot ... it is weird, but it worked.

Lynn said...

Sorry you are feeling sick! I heard about those netti pots and have always wanted to try one. I just might get one now.

You's a children's video.....but what is REALLY cool, is that Lisa KNOWS exactly what you like and got it for you. Now THAT'S love. : D

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to the both of you.. You are so cute together!