Monday, February 23, 2009

I Have an Owie

I have a big owie. We continue to spend every free minute on Alex's eagle project but it is now close to being wrapped up. That will be a giant relief. Saturday Alex and I were building a big wooden box to put his posters in and I was using a utility knife to carve out a notch to clear the heads of the bolts on the hinges. I then pulled bone headed move that I have told many dozens of scouts never to do and I slipped and sliced a very deep gash in my thumb. Of course I had just put a new blade in the knife so it is a very clean gash. It is funny how when something like that happens it doesn't hurt at all but as I grabbed my thumb knew that it was bad.

I ran to the sink and it is a good thing I did because by the time I got there, blood was starting to run between my fingers. I washed it off and Lisa quickly put a bandaid on it but no sooner was the bandaid on than blood started oozing through the holes in the bandaid. She had six bandaids on it before it slowed to the point that I could go back to work on the box. Now the box has bloodstains all over it. I figure it will just give the stain a unique look. The picture was taken Saturday night as I changed the bandaid. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

Sunday we had stake conference and we had a big surprise. I guess Elder M. Russell Ballard happened to be in the area so he checked out who was having a stake conference and luckily for us, we were. M. Russell Ballard is one of the twelve apostles so it was a special treat. We always get to the church early so that we can get seats in the chapel and so I always bring my copy of Josephus to read while I wait for the meeting to start. I was enjoying my book when all of the sudden everyone stood up. I said to myself, “when did we start standing for the Stake President?" when low and behold I see Elder Ballard. It was a great meeting. During Elder Ballard's talk I had my arm around Lisa and my hand was resting on the back of the bench. My thumb was on the front of the bench and my fingers on the back. Suddenly, without warning, Lisa decided to stretch or something. She leaned back onto my thumb (yes, the one with the laceration) and she pushed hard. I could literally feel the cut opening up and it hurt like the devil. It was all I could do to refrain from crying out. It took some time before I could focus again. Boy that hurt. Lisa felt bad and kissed it better but it really hurt.


Lynn said...

Ewww! Eeeee!! Ouch!!!! That picture doesn't do it justice?? YIKES!!!

I am so happy you were able to see Elder Ballard. That is SO cool! We sure did love having Elder Perry here on Valentine's Day.

Now Fred....take good care of that finger!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I want to know what Elder Ballard said! I hope your thumb gets better!!!

Lisa L said...

You should have got stitches like I said but what do I know!